Stack of the Storm Hags


Kirsty and Angus are embarking on a family sailing trip around the world when their parents disappear in a storm and their boat, the Marianne, is shipwrecked. Marooned on the hidden island of Gruinsoye they discover a land full of mystery and menace. A cult of psychics using ancient technology living side by side mythical beings. What should have been the experience of a lifetime suddenly turns into a struggle for survival and escape. The Stack of the Storm Hags painting created from the chapter where Kirsty and Angus visit the Stack of the Storm Hags at the end of the Dark Shore.


Storm Hags & Other Stories is an exhibition of paintings and sculpture at the Traverse Theatre opening the Children's Festival 2008. Exhibition runs from 25th May to 5th July 2008.


Glen of Goats

Painting based on the episode "Glen of Goats"


My unpublished novel Storm Hags was shortlisted for the 2007 Kelpies Prize. An extract was read out by Pam Wardell at the Edinburgh Book Festival on the 22nd of August.

It was later self-published. You can order it at most bookshops. Universal link




Video still of what Kenny (the cloned Brahan Seer) sees when he's scrying.


A Selfish Moment.

The idea of a cloned Brahan Seer was first developed when I was creating a series of animated cartoons for children. In Storm Hags there is a reference to Seordag TV when Angus saves his Seordag TV comic from the sinking Marianne. The above painting called A Selfish Moment is based on the characters in Seordag Stories.


Storm Hags on raft, close up

From the chapter Psychic Shoog, the Storm Hags create a storm raft from nets and tree ferns.


Kenneth MacKenzie, the Brahan Seer

16th C Highland prophet Coinneach Odhar (Kenneth MacKenzie) also known as the Brahan Seer. He was said to have one eye that was milky...probably a cataract... he would hold up his hollow stone to this eye to see into the future.

Brahan Seer

In the background in the above paintng is a natural arch at Clachtoll in Assynt. He predicted, "The natural arch, or 'Clach tholl,' near Storehead in Assynt, will fall with a crash so loud as to cause the laird of Leadmore's cattle, twenty miles away, to break their tethers." This was fulfilled in 1841, Ledmore's cattle having one day strayed from home to within a few hundred yards of the arch, when it fell with such a crash as to send them home in a frantic fright, tearing everything before them.

Seer in 3D

Seer walking

I've painted and modelled the Seer in various styles. Above are some 3D models created in Maya.