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Book 9 in the Seordag Stories series

During a gig Ewella gets a bit carried away playing her accordion and breaks something in her back. Seordag tries to fix it but she needs a bit of help.


Gig Across The Galaxy

Gig Across The Galaxy, the eighth book in Seordag Stories was published on 17th Nov, 2021.

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Figheadair, the seventh book in Sòtiridhean Seòrdag was published in hardback on 7th Nov, 2021.

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The Book of Skulls

The Book of Skulls has a great review. "An intriguing gateway to a new mystery series we give The Book of Skulls a 666/666" from Hothouse Horror.


Dinghy is the sixth book in the Seordag Stories / Sòtiridhean Seòrdag series. Books 1 to 6 now also available as EPUB3 with narration by Alec MacDonald.

Flying Sheep Publishing launched the first five books in hardback on the 20th April, 2021.

Art News

Planet A

I'm showing Tilleadh and The New Curios videos as a guest in Cathy Bell's exhibition Planet A.

The Achiltibuie Stone

With my Spirit of The Highlands Award I made a painting based on my short story The Achiltibuie Stone.

Bass Rock

Virtual exhibition of East Lothian landscapes made during lockdown.

Video News

Cats Go Bananas

Cats Go Bananas wins the animation award at the Deep Fried Film Festival Aug 2021.

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reflections night acrylic on canvas

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