Cats Go Bananas

Cats Go Bananas shortlisted for Best Animation at Portobello Film Festival on 20th Sept,2020.

It is also featured in issue 1 of Artists Responding To, launching 25th Aug,2020.

Early Morning Dip 1

New series of swimming deer paintings.

Fidra 2, acrylic on recycled board,127x107cm

Aberdeen Artist Society exhibition, Coming Home. 20th June 2020.

Firda 2 is from a series of landscapes from around Yellowcraigs in East Lothian.

Edinburgh Seven and the Surgeons' Hall Riot

Medical Inspirations, 2019.


Baobhan Sith streamed

Baobhan Sith

Comedy/horror about a family curse

Baobhan Sith is now available to stream on Amazon and Vimeo On Demand



Medical thriller about a Polish woman who searches for her missing sister in the Scottish Highlands.

Graders is now available to stream on Amazon



The Book of Skulls

The Book of Skulls

A Victorian tale of gender-bending, hidden identity, obsession and gruesome murder, set in Edinburgh's Old Town.

This first book in the Doctresses series launched April 2020.

Scrying Stone

Scrying Stone

Book 3 in the Seordag Stories series.

When Seordag disappears after finding a strange stone on the beach, her chicks and Ewella the accordion sheep, try to find her. Their search leads them to the dreaded secret laboratory. Can Ewella and the chicks find Seordag amd rescue her friend the Seer?

Broken Bow

Broken Bow

Book 2 in the Seordag Stories series launched 3.6.2020

When Blarag the Cow Fiddle breaks her bow Seordag the TV Hen enlists her chicks and friends to find a way to help. Can the chicks win a contest and buy a new bow and can Flossie the Flying Sheep get them there in time?

Càit An Dèan Mi Mo Nead?

Where Will I Make My Nest. Càit An Dèan Mi Mo Nead?

Càit An Dèan Mi Mo Nead? (Where Will I Make My Nest?) Children's picturebook adventure about a hen looking for a place to make a nest.