Baobhan Sith

Comedy/horror feature. 83 mins

The Story

Filmmaker Senga Sutherland is hired by island owner Laird Clate to make a horror film about a family curse, but she's really after footage of his rare bog bloater plant for her carnivorous plants documentary. When on the eve of departure to the island estranged daughter Freya turns up, Senga persuades her to come along on a sort of working holiday. Little do they know that the curse is real and the laird will do anything to remove it from his family....but unfortunately curses don't come with instructions.

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Janet De Vigne as Senga Sutherland, Larah Bross as Freya Sutherland, Greg Drysdale as Laird Clate, Daniel Campbell as Ivor Clate, Joanna Kaczynska as Lady Clate, Danielle Farrow as Valerie Vegas, April-Wendy Hayes as Aggie, Andy Nicols as Larry, Lisa Glen as Mrs Denholm-Fitzpatrick, Nick Cheales as Professor Ramsbottom.


David Hutchison:director/writer/producer, Lindsay McGee: assistant producer, J Daniel Pacey:DoP, Keith Duncan:sound, Madeline Drewell:make-up & props, Chris McCulloch:Lighting

© Eyedoll Productions 2012