Gentle Kisses

7m 38s

The Story

Gentle Kisses

Gentle Kisses is a Film Noir set on an allotment. An allotment inspector is on the case, investigating a missing melon and pitchfork. The main suspect is Toni Wilson, singer , who has a fetish for creating her own audiences.

Created for the 48hr Film Project in May 2010 in Edinburgh.

The Eyedoll Productions Team were given the genre of Film Noir.

The characters were Tony or Toni Wilson, Singer. The prop was a box and the line of dialogue was "Whatever you do don't tell her" .

The title took its name from the song Gentle Kisses on the album Bel Canto composed by Eilidh MacKenzie, perfomed by Anna Meldrum, Eilidh Mackenzie,Ged Grimes,Brian McAlpine,Gordon Gunn.


Danielle Farrow as Toni Wilson, singer and Greg Drysdale as Allotment Inspector Marlowe. Jamie Wheeler as George Weeder.


DOP J.Daniel Pacey.

Written by April-Wendy Hayes, Eleni Daskalaki, Gill White, Brenda Robles, Gareth Peevers

Directed and edited by David Hutchison.

Co-produced by Gareth Peevers.

Sound technician James Wheeler.

© Eyedoll Productions 2015