The Mighty Dabbler & Zip Girl

6 mins 48secs

The Story

The Mighty Dabbler & Zip Girl

Mockumentary where a doctor interviews an ex-duo of superheroes as they train for the Superhero Cup. Created for the Edinburgh 48hr Film Project 2018. We got Superhero or Disaster Movie and chose Superhero. The character is Dr Mackenzie Menendez. Prop is popcorn. Line of dialogue is "I love you".


Bobby and Shaggy

Greg Drysdale: The Mighty Dabbler
Danielle Farrow: Zip Girl
Janet De Vigne: Dr Mackenzie Menendez
Laura Drysdale: as The Rescuer
Philip Venerosu: as The Fan



David Hutchison:Director/Producer/Editor
April-Wendy Hayes:Writer
with help from Jamie Wheeler, Philip Venerosu and Craig Oxbrow
Keith Duncan:Sound Design
Gareth Peevers:Director of Photography
Jamie Wheeler:Drawing
Michael MacLeod: 3D Graphics

© Eyedoll Productions 2012