David Hutchison

David Hutchison with Missy Hortense

David Hutchison is a Scottish artist, filmmaker and writer. He wrote and illustrated the Seordag Stories series of children's picturebooks, YA novella Storm Hags and historical novel The Book of Skulls. He also wrote/directed features Graders and Baobhan Sith. Currently exhibiting sculpture and animation project Missy Hortense in the Unicorn Exhibition at the new Perth Museum.

Pip Pop's Find

Pip Pop's Find

Pip Pop's Find is the first book in new series Prospectors. Ahab and Gert, living on their mining base asteroid Valhalla, realise that their cat Pip Pop's youthfulness is related to goo coming from a crack in the wall of their store room. The goo rejuvenates them, but when they share it with supply ship friend Seumas, and he is captured by space cannibal Sunny Bean, things quickly get scary.

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A Tail Tall Tale

A Tail Tall Tale

A little girl Joan and her cat Sheba imagine why the Manx cat does not have a tail. From the biblical legend of Noah's ark to Sheba's ancestor ship's cat Phee's meeting with space traveller Captain Tobias, will they discover the true story?

Books available in hardback, paperback, ebook and Kindle.

The Book of Skulls

The Book of Skulls

Hutchison's debut novel The Book of Skulls is a Victorian tale of gender-bending, hidden identity, obsession and gruesome murder, set in Edinburgh's Old Town.

Great reviews from Publishers Weekly ,Hothouse Horror and Undiscovered Scotland.


Seordag Stories series of children's picturebooks

Seordag Stories is a series of books about the adventures of a cyborg hen and her friends. Combining storytelling and music, it is inspired by Assynt, in the North West Scottish Highlands, where David Hutchison was brought up. For more info visit Seordag Stories Origins and the Seordag Stories Facebook page

The Home of Irresistible Art


From Aug 22 to Oct 23 The Home of Irresistible Art was a pop up gallery at the Wee Hub, Ocean Terminal. The space was supplied by THELMA (The Living Memory Association)

Metamorphosis feature documentary

Metamorphosis is a feature documentary of the change from a derelict Debenham's store at Ocean Terminal at Leith docks into a heritage and community pop up venue. 80 mins, 2023.

Onisis and the Edinburgh Festival carnival

Onisis and the Edinburgh Festival carnival is a short documentary. Onisis and her team create wonderful costumes for the Edinburgh Festival Carnival and Baila Venezuela events.

the New Curios screening

The New Curios screened at Earls Court Film Festival 2020 and Lacuna Festival 2nd July – 1st August, 2021.

Cats Go Bananas

Cats Go Bananas won the Audience Award at the Deep Fried Film Festival,2021, screened at the 14th British Shorts Film Festival, Berlin,2021,Portobello Film Festival 2020 and broadcast on London Live TV,2020.


Storm Hags

Kirsty and Angus are embarking on a family sailing trip around the world when their parents disappear in a storm and their boat, the Marianne, is shipwrecked. Marooned on the hidden island of Gruinsoye they discover a land full of mystery and menace. A cult of psychics using ancient technology living side by side mythical beings. What should have been the experience of a lifetime suddenly turns into a struggle for survival and escape.

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