Free Crack

7m 31s

The Story

Free Crack

A mother's struggle to get justice for her son.

Created for the 48hr Film Project in May 2011 in Edinburgh.

The Eyedoll Productions Team were given the genre of Mockumentary.

The characters were Wilma or Willie Brown, Builder. The prop was a salt shaker and the line of dialogue was "Quit, yer havering" .

Gareth Peevers was awarded Best Director.


Greg Drysdale : Willie & Wilma Brown
Joanna Kaczynska : Lena Ova
Craig Oxbrow : Eric Sidebottom SMP
Jamie Wheeler: Policeman

Bill Booth,Claire Jennings, David Miller,
Jim Fell, Leona Dunlevy,Nick Grant,
Richard Manns, Satjun Dharundhi


Director : Gareth Peevers
Producer/Co-writer/Editor :
David Hutchison
DoP : J. Daniel Pacey
AD : Christy Mearns
Music : Chris Merchant
Sound: Michael Neal Tonner
Make up : Eilidh Graham
April-Wendy Hayes
Eleni Daskalaki
Katie White
Craig Oxbrow

© Eyedoll Productions 2015