Rearview Park

5 mins

The Story

Rearview Park

Ariel McGuinty , tired of life searches for a dramatic way to shrug off this mortal coil, but things don't quite go to plan when she meets Rearview Park trainee Wee Malky. Vocals by Janet De Vigne accompanied by the Edinburgh Chamber Orchestra. Additional music by The Great Insanity. This is the third short film with Derek The Robot.


Derek the Robot

Janet De Vigne: Ariel McGuinty
Callum Fairweather: Wee Malky
Andy Nicholls: Portal Guardian


David Hutchison:Director/DoP/
April-Wendy Hayes:Co-Writer
Lindsay McGee:Co-Writer/AD
Keith Duncan:Sound
Michael MacLeod:Animation
Jamie Wheeler:Wrangler

Baobhan Sith trailer from Eyedoll Productions on Vimeo.

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