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In April 2022 the old Debenham's department store at Ocean Terminal, Leith, Edinburgh, which had been lying empty for 18 months, was taken over by THELMA; the Living Memory Association. It has metamorphosed into The Wee Hub; a vibrant heritage and community space. Wee Hub manager Miles Tubb takes us on a tour of this ever-changing pop up venue, which includes crochet, dance and circus classes, piano sculptures, a shark made from keyboards, and a plethora of reworked mannequins with attitude.

Director, Editor & Sound: David Hutchison. Pre Wee Hub footage: Caroline Kaye. Sandra Craig's House of Jack dance class footage: Barry Davidson. David's interview: Alan Armstrong. Presenter & Wee Hub Manager: Miles Tubb.

Artists: Agnes Moon Art: Hugh Mooney. Agnes Carvosso. Alan Armstrong. Kerry Santo. David Hutchison. Colin J Blyth. Rory MacLeod. Matthew Hawkins. Hannah Evans Laser Garden: Jonathan Elders Dancers: Matthew Hawkins. Laura Tiguerona and her students in Classes in Salsa and Bachata. Ukrainain Voices: Vika Yasynska Ira Andreichuk Cathy Bell & Gordon Weir. Salle Holyrood: Keith Cook. Fencers: James Navard and Marco Scully. Think Circus: Kat Borrowdale and Robert Gallagher-Lyall. Pianodrome: Tim Vincent-Smith. Thomas Nelson, David Courtney, Alexandra Hamilton and Shona MacArthur. Tinderbox: Luci Holland and Boris Allenou . Tinderbox students: Jessica McIntosh, Shawn Nayar, Mark Sandford, Antony Lucchesi, Kenneth Nuelan, Chandi Petro, Saffron Slater, Lingi Wang. Maria Wrang-Rasmussen. The Thistle Modelmakers Society: John Hewit, D W MacDonald, G Neil.

Thanks to: Sikh San Jog. Forth Children's Theatre. Edinburgh Festival Carnival. Bethany Christian Trust & Pilmeny Youth Centre. Newhaven Heritage.

Music: "Phobos" & "Winter Nights" by Bill Spice. "Sunrise Part1" & "Devil's Beach" composed & played by Colin J Blyth. "Untitled" composed & played by David Courtney. "Nocturne in B flat Minor" by Chopin played by Alexandra Hamilton. "Lead me Home" composed & played by The Peerie Faeries; Alice Dillon & Elliot Parrott. "Proto Ray" by The Sound Rays. Sonata No. 14 in C Sharp Minor "Moonlight", Op. 27 No. 2, 1st movement (adagio sostenuto), performed by Paul Pitman for Musopen. "Speed of Death" by Theo & Oliver Vincent-Smith played by Tim Vincent-Smith. "Salsa" composed by Liborio Conti. "Eilidh"(traditional), "Teann a' Nuill"(traditional) and "Raising of the Dough" by J Porteous, performed by The Lochinver Ceilidh Band from the album "A Treat in Stoer".

Staff :

Heather Robertson: THELMA Manager. Delphine Tirole: Graphic Designer. Barry Davidson: Social Media. Russell Clegg: Project Worker. Louise Meiklejohn: Project Worker. Naomi Lawson : Project Worker. Joyce H. M. Miller : Project Worker. John McCaughie :Project Worker. David Donaldson: Archivist. Volunteers: Caroline Kaye. Mark Hayward.

Special thanks to: Sarah Ridley and David Lindsay. Jacqui Smart & Jim Alexander. Alistair Warner. The Child.

A special thankyou to members of the public who took part in the filming: A.G. Trotter & T.L. Chuy. Insani Soletta & Thea Zaleska. Euan Parker & Iomut Axentz. The Andlei family, Stacey Calder, Lish Findlay. May Hoare & Alastair Letch. Sharon & Matteo Staunton. Ana Harnandez & Aquiles Castro. Sam Goldblatt, Louise Knowles & sons Hamish & Guthrie. Heather Swinson.

Filmed at The Wee Hub and at THELMA, The Living Memory Association. Ocean Terminal, Leith, Edinburgh,EH6 6JJ.

You can also watch videos of exhibitions at the Wee Hub.

The complete documentary will be free to watch online after its festival run.