The Home of Irresistible Art

THELMA (The Living Memory Association) took over the derelict Debenhams store at Ocean Terminal in Leith and turned it into the Wee Hub; a pop up community and heritage venue. They gave me part of the old Costa Coffee area and I just changed the sign from "The Home of Irresistible Coffee" to "The Home of Irresistible Art". I curated nine exhibitions there from August 2022 to October 2023. With the help of artists, musicians, THELMA staff & volunteers,I made a feature documentary of the space.

Exhibitions at The Home of Irresistible Art

A Tail Tall Tale

Plastic Fantastic group show

All Mixed Up group show

Aye Aye group show

Smorgasbord group show

The Book of Skulls

Lovehearts 1 & 2

Lockdown Landscapes

All images © David Hutchison